"I strongly oppose Caterpillar's decision to move their corporate headquarters from Peoria. This is terrible for our community and I cannot begin to express my disappointment and heartache. Peoria has invested so much in Caterpillar for decades, with resulting benefits for both. Caterpillar had painted a bold vision for their future in Peoria. After years of planning and preparation, it feels like we have been left at the altar. Out of respect for our 90 year collaboration with Caterpillar, I urge the Board of Directors to meet with community leaders and reconsider this devastating move. In the mean-time, our community and business leaders will rally together under the clarion call for further economic diversification of Central Illinois' economy." State Representative Ryan Spain, January 31, 2017
PEORIA… State Rep. Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) issued the following statement following the Governor’s State of the State Address:

“The State of the State address showcased areas of improvement in Illinois, but rightly focused on the very serious challenges facing our state.  I look forward to working with the Governor and my colleagues in the General Assembly to return job growth to Illinois and pass a truly balanced budget," said State Representative Ryan Spain.  

Representative Spain also appreciated the Governor's mention of allowing more volunteer opportunities at state parks.  "That’s an issue I am working on as part of my legislative agenda in my first-term, and I appreciate his support on those efforts,” said Spain.

73rd District residents can learn more about legislation sponsored by Rep. Spain during the Spring legislative session at his website at www.repryanspain.com.

PEORIA… State Rep. Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) took little time in Springfield after inauguration to sharpen  criticism of the process by which legislation is considered and debated in the Illinois House.

“The current House Rules stifle democratic debate- plain and simple.  The rights and responsibilities of legislators to represent their constituents and attempt to pass legislation on their behalf has been under attack for decades under these rules.  They are designed to allow the Speaker, alone, to have complete control over what bills are even debated or assigned to committee in the Illinois House.  That must end to allow our state to move forward,” said Spain.

Under rules proposed by Speaker Madigan, and rules that have been in effect under his previous tenure, he alone has control over the daily agenda in the Illinois House, which bills are allowed to be even assigned to committees, and how that debate is to be conducted.

“It is no secret that Speaker Madigan controls the agenda in Springfield, but whenever people ask how it can be stopped-
SPRINGFIELD - Ryan Spain was sworn in Wednesday afternoon to the state House, replacing longtime Rep. David Leitch, who retired.

Earlier in the week, the Peoria Republican sat down with the Journal Star just off the House floor to discuss his priorities for the new term. Here's an edited transcript:

Q: Given everything that's happened in the last couple years in state government, why do you want this job?

A: I think it's fair to look at the climate in Springfield and the difficulties facing our state, and a lot of people have said to me, 'why would you want that job?' And I think, to me, there are many challenges facing the state. But we need people to---read more at http://www.pjstar.com/news/20170111/qampa-newly-inaugurated-rep-ryan-spain-discusses-priorities
PEORIA… State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) was sworn in to his first term in the Illinois House of Representatives on Wednesday during the inauguration of the historic 100th General Assembly held at the University of Illinois-Springfield’s Sangamon Auditorium.

“I am honored to serve in the 100th General Assembly, as Illinois approaches 200 years of statehood. We have large challenges ahead in our state and I look forward to the opportunity to applying common-sense solutions to the problems we face. I am humbled by this opportunity and will work hard to try to bring jobs and people back to a reformed, more prosperous Illinois,” said Spain.

A lifelong Peorian, Spain attended District 150 schools and is a Richwoods High School alumnus. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a double degree in political science and speech communication. Spain also holds an MBA from Bradley University.

In April 2007, Spain was elected to the City Council. He is currently employed at OSF Healthcare System as the Vice President of Economic Development. Spain and his wife Ashley have a three-year old daughter named Vivienne.

Spain has always enjoyed spearheading initiatives to bring jobs and economic growth to the region. He was proud to serve as the driving force in Peoria’s Warehouse District, which has become a mixed-use district that is bringing both businesses and residents back to the core of the city. In his professional life, as a healthcare manager, he has seen firsthand how government decisions are affecting the private sector and how lessons learned by the private sector can be applied to challenges in government.

Rep. Spain is also announcing the location and contact information for his Legislative District Office. Rep. Spain will be taking over the current lease for Rep. David Leitch’s office on the campus of Illinois Central College North in Peoria. The mailing and street address is 5407 N. University St., Arbor Hall, Suite B, Peoria, IL, 61614. The telephone number also remains the same at, 309-690-7373. Rep. Leitch’s longtime Chief of Staff, Linda Daley, will also stay on to transition the office and casework for a period of time.

“It was important to me to maintain a high-level constituent service, as voters have rightfully come to expect in this district. By keeping the legislative office location and contact numbers the same, we are not only saving taxpayer dollars, but are also making for a smoother transition for those we serve,” said Spain.

The House of Representatives of the new 100th General Assembly is comprised of 67 Democrats and 51 Republicans. Representative Michael J. Madigan of Chicago was re-elected Speaker of the House for another two-year term. Representative Jim Durkin of Western Springs was re-elected Minority Leader.

73rd District residents can learn more about legislation sponsored by Rep. Spain during the Spring legislative session at his website at www.repryanspain.com.