PEORIA… In their annual rating of legislative voting records for the Illinois House and Senate, the Technology and Manufacturing Association (TMA) rated State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) with their highest rating available for a voting record in strong support of manufacturing jobs in Illinois.

“I am proud to support manufacturing in Illinois and the jobs this industry brings to our residents,” said Rep. Ryan Spain in reaction to TMA’s rating.  “In a time when so many jobs are leaving Illinois to our surrounding states, I think it’s important that legislators not just talk the talk, but walk the walk when it comes to keeping manufacturing jobs right here in Illinois.”

Not only did Rep. Ryan Spain score a 100% voting record on manufacturing issues, as rated by TMA, but he also was one of only 10 members of the Illinois House to achieve a 100% rating.  TMA’s public policy agenda scores legislators on taxation policy, regulation policy, and education and career readiness issues.

According to TMA, a leading manufacturing trade association in Illinois, support for manufacturing interests in the Illinois General Assembly has nose-dived over the past two years.  In 2015, 42% of Illinois state representatives had a cumulative score of 75 or better, meaning they were pro-manufacturing.  Two years later, in 2017, only 23% scored 75 or better, meaning a stunning 77% vote against bills that would encourage manufacturing in Illinois. 

Illinois bad public policies have led to an unprecedented population loss as more residents move out of state to find employment in the far-more jobs friendly climates across our state borders.  Those moving out of state include members of a critically-needed trained workforce that will be badly needed in the years ahead.

A full copy of the legislative scorecard is available at:  Founded in 1925, the Technology & Manufacturing Association represents and supports manufacturers in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin with their mission to help members achieve profitable growth and business success.


PEORIA… “Earlier this Spring, I listened intently to heartfelt testimony in the Human Services Appropriations Committee about families that cannot afford enough diapers for their children,” said Rep. Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) on Friday. “Many people don’t realize that programs like WIC and SNAP do not pay for diapers, rash creams or other infant supplies. Diapers are an essential and often overlooked need for families struggling financially around the holidays.”

Recognizing this significant need in the community, State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) announced on Friday that he will be hosting a Holiday Diaper Drive beginning Monday to address the insufficient supply of diapers to keep infants in need clean, dry, and healthy. The Holiday Diaper Drive will run from November 13 through December 11. Donors may drop off unopened packages of diapers (all infant and toddler sizes and brands welcome), baby wipes, and diaper rash cream to State Representative Ryan Spain’s Peoria District Office (located at Illinois Central College North Campus, Arbor Hall, Suite B, 5407 N. University St., Peoria). Diapers will be donated to local food pantries and diaper pantries throughout the 73rd Legislative District to help those in need this Holiday Season.

Rep. Spain continued, “many families need help with basic needs like diapers to ensure the best start for their children. My wife Ashley and I are blessed to be expecting our second child any day now and we couldn’t think of anything better than to celebrate our new addition than helping families in need this holiday season. I felt compelled to act on behalf of these hardworking families trying to do best for their children but in need of a helping hand.”

Children under the age of 5 comprise 13 percent of the State’s SNAP recipients and more than 25% of WIC recipients are infants. Diapers cost an average of $18 per week or $936 per year. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, low-income families report a shortage of 50 diapers per month. Donations to Rep. Spain Holiday Diaper Drive are encouraged through December 11 in order to get the diapers to pantries and to families before the holidays.
PEORIA… State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) announced on Monday the release of his Legislative Session Newsletter, highlighting the major actions taken by the Illinois General Assembly during this year’s regular legislative session.

Rep. Spain also used this newsletter as another opportunity to lead by example, by drastically cutting costs with the release of the newsletter electronically instead of a mailing to area residents.

“While I was aware legislators could use taxpayer funds to publish legislative update newsletters, I discovered that we could save over $10,000 per year in postage costs by releasing this update online-only,” said Spain.

“While the reach may not be as far for this newsletter by releasing it this way, it’s important that all of our elected officials lead by example when it comes to cutting state spending,” said Spain.

Spain’s newsletter is available online at A limited number of copies were printed for those who do not have internet access. If you do not have internet access and would like to be sent a printed copy, please call Rep. Spain’s Peoria District Office at 309-690-7373.

“Providing top-notch constituent service and communicating with those I serve in Springfield is my top priority,” said Spain. “I encourage all Illinoisans to stay informed about how their state government is performing and how we can improve that performance.”