HJRCA 43 is a constitutional amendment that would address legislative AND Congressional gerrymandering

SPRINGFIELD (February 26, 2018) – Today, House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment (HJRCA) 43 was filed to amend the Illinois Constitution in order to put an end to Congressional and legislative gerrymandering in the Land of Lincoln.

CHANGE Illinois, as a part of the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative, has spent the last four months drafting this amendment and worked with Rep. Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) to get it filed in the Illinois General Assembly. HJRCA 43 is modeled after former Rep. Jack Franks’ proposed amendment: HJRCA 58 which received 105 yes votes from the Illinois House in 2016.

“Our redistricting reform amendment establishes an independent redistricting commission to draw Illinois’ maps and make it clear that the public not politicians should control the process,” said Brad McMillan, Co-Chair of CHANGE Illinois and the Illinois Redistricting Collaborative. “With this amendment now filed, Illinois voters around the state can ask their members of the Illinois House and Senate if they’ll support this specific, concrete solution to end gerrymandering.”

“An independent and transparent process for redistricting is critical for the protecting the core principles of our democracy. For too long, politicians have chosen their voters instead of voters choosing their elected officials,” said Rep. Ryan Spain (R-Peoria), Chief Sponsor of HJRCA 43. “Changing the way we draw legislative maps is one of the most meaningful reforms we can make to increase fairness in Illinois. This amendment will have a lasting impact on Illinoisans’ trust in their government for decades to come.”
PEORIA… State Representative Ryan Spain (R-Peoria) issued the following statement following the Governor’s Budget Address on Wednesday, February 14th:

“While the Budget Address traditionally kicks off the budgeting season for the Illinois General Assembly, the legal onus is on the Illinois House to start the process by setting a revenue estimate, according to the Illinois Constitution.  Unfortunately, the legislative majority has thrown this requirement out the window while I’ve been serving in the Illinois House,” Spain critiqued.  “I hope that will change this year.  Governor Rauner was right to point out that jobs are growing in states surrounding Illinois.  Even manufacturing and union jobs are growing in states like Indiana, which many would have you believe is a State far worse for union jobs than Illinois.  Something’s got to give.  We must address the needed structural reforms that have been roadblocked for far too long while Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa and other midwestern states have significantly outpaced job growth in Illinois,” Spain continued.

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Rep. Ryan Spain was a Guest Reader at Kellar Primary School in Peoria on February 5th.  He enjoyed Reading to students in Ms. Ganschow's class and appreciated their participation in their classroom.  Kellar Primary School has a very strong Guest Reader Program involving hundreds of community leaders each year.